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Moving in Winnipeg

While planning your move to Winnipeg, it can help to come prepared with the tips and information you need to avoid unexpected surprises, delays or other hiccups. To help ensure a pain-free move, we’ve gathered some important points for you to keep in mind. Remember, we’re here to help!

Winnipeg Moving Tips

  • Tip #1

    Winnipeg’s public transit offers a convenient means of getting to your destination. If you’d rather not wrestle with traffic and parking on the day of your move, or if you don’t have a personal vehicle, check-out the Winnipeg Transit website to determine the fastest way to get to your destination. Remember, we deliver PUPS straight to your front door and pick it up – no vehicle required!

  • Tip #2

    Two words: snow and cold. Winnipeg is Canada’s tenth coldest city and experiences 49 days a year at -20°C or below, on average. And driving can get messy with snow, ice and sleet falling regularly through the winter months (you’re almost guaranteed a white Christmas, though). Get an accurate forecast for moving day, and make sure your vehicle is ready for the challenge.

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