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Moving Truck

We deliver your container.

We conveniently deliver your PUPS Container to your home or job site.

Cartoon man packing PUPS container.

You pack your container.

Store your belongings & valuable safely inside a PUPS Container. Pack around a schedule that works for you to keep your move.

PUPS Container on a moving truck

We move your container.

Schedule a pick up and we’ll relocate your PUPS Containers to your new home or job site.

Stacked PUPS Containers

We store it until you’re ready.

We’ll store your PUPS Containers offsite at one of our storage facilities near you. Rest easy knowing that your valuables are safely protected.

Container Sizes

Small PUPS Container



Small apartments, Student moving, temporary shed, renovation storage.

bestseller sign Medium PUPS Container



Medium size apartments, storing small vehicles, winter/summer storage, moving.

Large PUPS Container



Houses, small vehicle storage, seasonal storage.


PUPS Containers are a convenient way to keep your belongings safe during your transition. From renovating a bathroom, to moving across the country, our team at PUPS is committed to helping. Call today for details!

Home Improvements

Home Improvements & Renovations

Simplify the home improvement and renovation process!

  • Make room during your renovation by storing your furniture & valuables in a PUPS Container.
  • As an added convenience, we can store your PUPS Container safely offsite at one of our self storage locations.
Job Site

Job Site Storage

Contractors gain convenience and security with PUPS Containers!

  • Store your tools and equipment on your job site. Our durable containers are made for keeping your belongings safe.
  • Stay mobile. Allow PUPS to transport your container from job site to job site.

Moving and Storage

Pack on your own schedule! PUPS Containers gives you the flexibility you need.

  • Whether you are moving across town or across the country, PUPS Containers are a great solution.
  • Need a little extra time and space? No problem! Your PUPS Container can be stored safely at one of our storage sites across the country.
Secure Storage Facilities

Secure Storage Facilities

Keep your PUPS Container nearby at one of our many locations across Canada.

  • Your container is accessible and can be relocated whenever you need it.
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