What’s Best for Me? A Self-Storage Unit, or a Mobile Storage Container?

Self-storage options

The standard self-storage experience works this way: you rent a self-storage unit at a storage facility somewhere in town; you fill your car or rented van or have a moving company fill their truck with your belongings from your house; you transport your items to the storage facility, and then you unload into your storage unit.

The traditional self-storage option is a good one, but with the advent of the industry, a new option has arisen: the mobile storage container.

We at PUPS Containers are specialists in the portable storage container industry, and we feel it is important to share with you the many advantages a mobile container can have for your storage project.

Better with mobility

The first massive advantage to a mobile container is that it immediately cuts the moving process in half. Rather than, as we stated above, filling your vehicle with your belongings and then removing them from the vehicle and fill the storage locker with them – a mobile container arrives at your house or business to be filled once.

A standard self-storage unit requires you to move every item twice. A potable container, on the other hand, is a much quicker, easier move: it’s a one-and-done process. Quick, easy – that’s one huge convenience of mobile storage containers.

Better for your budget

A mobile storage container is also much easier to budget with. It is usual for one to hire a moving company when it comes time to move into a traditional self-storage unit – as we said, a lot more moving is required this way.

While a moving company will provide an estimate, these are often quite fluid amounts. Anything can happen on moving day that can result in an increase in your charge. A traffic jam can add an hour or more to the day. An unforeseen snag with a piece of furniture, can increase the time originally expected. When you hire a moving company, you need to give yourself cushions in your budget to account for any unforeseen circumstances such as these, meaning any budget you create for your project needs to be less static.

Perhaps there are no snags, but if the movers are moving slower than expected, then the cost to you could increase more than you are ready for it to – and there really isn’t much you can do at this point.

With a mobile container, it is much easier for you to accomplish the move at your pace without needing to hire a moving company. Without the variable cost associated with the moving company, you will have a much more reliable budget to work with.

Your Preferred Location – Self-storage where you want it

Utilizing a portable container also means that you can have your storage where you want it. The versatility of a mobile storage unit leaves you with an infinite number of options for where you would like to have your storage unit.

Want it at arms-reach, in the driveway at home or in your backyard? Need to have it at your sister or parents’ place? Does it work best in the parking lot at work? Want it at your cottage? Using it to store tools on your construction site? Would you prefer it is whisked away to a self-storage facility to store on their property (totally an option!)?

The mobility of a portable container has great advantages. You may want the unit fixed in your driveway during renovations, for example, but then once those are complete, you’d prefer the unit to be removed to elsewhere. This is all very possible with a mobile unit: move it to wherever you would like.

Your Preferred Time – Self-storage when you want it

Not only is the mobile unit wherever you would like it, but it is also around whenever you would like it.

The sense of convenience here is incredible. Think about your move or renovations. All that stuff that needs to leave your house and moved into storage: what a long day it will be! The truck is rented, and you need to return it in good time – this is definitely going to be a long day of moving with little time to spare.

Or not.

The portable container is of great advantage here. Drop it in your driveway a month in advance of moving day, and slowly fill it over the month! There’s no need to rush or risk injury trying to get everything accomplished in one shot: you have as much time as you’d like to move with a mobile unit.

The convenience of a portable storage container is unmatched. The flexibility and reliability of the option is something not to ignore.

While storage projects vary greatly, it is always beneficial to consider all of the options available. Portable containers have made their place in the self-storage industry apparent with their many advantages, and can be the most convenient and cost-efficient option available, depending on your project.

Speak with us at PUPS Containers to inquire about your mobile self-storage container and whether it will suit your self-storage project. We’re the portable storage experts, and we look forward to making your storage project an easy one: 855-782-5179.

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