What is Portable Storage?

What is Portable Storage Exactly?

Portable storage brings the storage space directly to your front door. Whatever your needs, portable storage is there to assist. The unit will be delivered to you by the company and when you need it moved or transported to a new location, the company will return to do all the heavy lifting and moving for you. These storage units can be used to declutter your home or help you move to a new city. For businesses, they can be used as on-site storage for commercial or residential construction projects. They have also been known to be very useful in providing additional storage space for commercial businesses such as hospitals and hotels. If you are an athletic team, portable storage provides you with a place to keep your overflow equipment and an easy method of transportation of the equipment when needed.

Why Choose Portable Storage?

Convenience- It doesn’t get much more convenient than the storage unit being right outside your house. With just a phone call, you can have a unit delivered to you at the time most convenient to you. Everything works on your schedule, so you don’t have to go out of your way to start storing your items when you want you.

Accessibility- Not only are the units accessible based on time and location, but the units themselves offer ease of access to all users. With every unit being ground-level loading, you can open the doors and walk right into your unit with no difficulty. This allows for comfortable and safe loading and unloading, as well as access to any items you may need after they have been placed in storage. Leave space while packing your unit to allow you to reach any items you think you may want to remove from the unit at a future date.

Safety and Security- These units are designed to keep your belongings protected. They are steel-framed containers built to be sturdy and weather-resistant. You can feel comforted knowing your stored belongings will still be there in the morning after that wind storm hit the night prior.

Know Your Options

Long-Term or Short-Term- Portable storage units are available for short and long-term use. The unit is yours to use how you need to so feel free to keep the unit as long as you need it, even after you’ve made the move to a new city. The company will move it for you from one location to another and you can continue to keep your items stored away if you need more time to unpack.

Multiple Sizes- With multiple size variations, you can choose the right storage unit for you to fit all your valuables, whether it’s the living room couch, the guest bedroom mattress, or your office desk, chair and multiple filing cabinets. In some cases, even vehicles have been stored away in portable storage units.

At Home or Store Location- You may not want to keep your portable storage unit on your property for various reasons, and that is why you have the option to keep the unit at a store location while you are using it. The container can be delivered to you, you can take as long as you need to load all your valuables and then a company representative will pick it up and move it to a store location for you. When you need it again, all you have to do is call the store and they will deliver your unit right to your front door again.

Sometimes, you need options. Portable storage offers you another way of keeping your belongings out of your home while still being only a few quick steps away.