Storage: In the Garage vs. In the House

In the Garage

The biggest thing to recognize is that though your garage provides shelter, it isn’t impenetrable from the weather! Remember, shelter does not always equate to temperature control. This is where you keep your outdoor related items such as the lawn mower, snow blower, gardening tools, car supplies, bikes, boats, canoes, and kayaks. The majority of these items are able to withstand the changes in temperature and humidity. Prioritize and be aware of what items can handle the cold without cracking. Be careful of some plastics that may freeze and crack if cold enough. Every case will be different depending on where you live as well. If you live in a rainy, colder area, you may not want to keep your summer bikes in the garage either as this combination can cause rusting over time. The items you keep stored away in your garage should be weather resistant to ensure they keep, and you don’t find yourself with a leak when summer comes and you’re in the middle of the lake in your kayak!

In the House

Your house provides the shelter of your garage with added insulation and temperature control you need to preserve your more delicate or sensitive belongings. It’s crucial to keep any and all electronics indoors. Have you ever forgotten your phone in your car while you run into the store only to come back 20 minutes later to your phone freezing and your battery life drained from 97% to 26%? Imagine what could happen to it if you left it for three months or a year. The damage the cold and moisture can cause to your electronic devices can be irreversible so don’t take the risk and keep them protected inside, away from the elements. Certain materials can be damaged by exposure to moisture in the air as well. Clothing, bedding, and papers can also attract and make a lovely home for bugs or animals that may find their way into your garage. Small animals can also be quite clumsy and knock over your belongings, so avoid the broken glass and keep fragile items such as glass and porcelain objects inside where they are safe in their designated cabinets. With the doors opening and cars coming in and out daily, the garage can get dirty quite quickly. Some items can be heavily damaged by dust and moisture. Artwork can fade, furniture can deteriorate, and vinyl records can warp. Accidents can happen in the garage- spills and leaks can cause permanent damage so avoid storing invaluable belongings such as childhood memories or important paperwork in the garage and keep them safe inside.

Avoid the heavy costs that can come from having to replace your valuables and take caution when using your garage as storage. If you are in need of additional storage to keep your home clutter-free, a private climate-controlled self-storage unit may be just what you need.