Rental Truck or Portable Storage Container: What’s Right for Your Move?

Moving houses is a huge task, one full of physical labour, organization, and much stress. It’s a difficult time, especially if there is a gap between leaving the old house and moving into the new one. Timing like that is the sort of circumstance that likely requires you to rent a self storage unit to make it through the transition, keeping your belongings safe during the time in between.

It’s not easy moving homes, but at PUPS Containers we know a secret that will make things a lot easier for your move. If you want to limit the amount of work you need to accomplish, and complete that work at your own pace, then a portable storage container will prove to make things a lot easier for your move. Take a look below at all the reasons why a portable storage container is the answer for the easiest move possible.

Limit the physical labour

Perhaps the largest dread anyone has about a moving job is the amount of physical energy you will need to exert in order to accomplish the task of moving your belongings to a new home. Carrying boxes of books, sofas, dresser, armoires, and – heaven forbid! – a grand piano is not typically the normal person’s idea of an enjoyable day. If you’re like us (i.e., normal), then the thought of carrying all this stuff is pretty much a certain nightmare to envision.

Luckily, a portable storage container can arrive as a sort of oasis in the desert, ready to quench your thirst for less carrying. An average move with a gap of time between taking ownership of your new home involves the following: loading a truck, driving that truck to your self storage facility, unloading the truck into storage, and then, when the time comes to move into your new home, loading the truck again, and unloading again into your new home. Yes, that’s quite the few days of physical labour you need to partake in to get the job done.

A portable storage container transforms this process. It essentially removes the truck from the equation. Instead of loading items from your house onto a truck, you can load them directly into your portable storage container, and then leave them there until it comes time to move into your new home. There’s no unload at a storage facility; there’s no reload onto a moving truck. That’s right, a portable storage container will alleviate half of the loading/unloading. If there’s a transition period between moving out of the old home and into the new one, then a portable storage container definitely makes the move a lot easier, and a lot less physically straining.

Take your time loading

There’s another way a portable storage container can make your moving job a lot easier though, and that comes in the form of loading at your own pace. When renting a truck, you have a limited time with that truck, meaning you likely need to load all of your belongings on the day you have the truck rented – and, often, you also need to unload on that same day.

Reading that would make us cringe as well. Thankfully, a portable storage container allows you to avoid such a rush of loading and unloading. The container can be dropped in your driveway when you are ready for it, and then it can remain there as you load it at your own pace. Order the container a few weeks in advance, and you can slowly fill the unit over an extended period of time.

The same goes for when it comes time to unload: do this at your own pace. This is a huge advantage for many families. Avoid having to waste taking vacation days off work to accomplish your move by stretching the loading and unloading periods across a longer amount of time. Whether you’ve got a transition period between homes or not, the portable storage container proves to be a much superior option than a moving truck, when it comes to the time it takes to load and unload.

Long distance moves

In case you are moving out of town or even out of province, then a portable storage container comes in super-convenient again. Rather than having to worry about returning a truck rental all the way back to your former home town, the portable storage container can follow you around and be returned on its own.

That isn’t to say the container drives itself – that’s a future that may occur one day, but it’s not quite here yet – rather, portable storage containers are driven by professionals to where you need to go. And that’s another advantage portable containers have over rental trucks: you don’t need to worry about driving them. Take the trip to your new home town in the comfort of your own vehicle, and allow the professionals to worry about transporting your belongings safely in a portable storage container.

This is the sort of convenience and comfort that makes any moving job smoother, easier, and a lot less stressful, and that’s exactly the sort of news we like to share.

PUPS Containers is capable of moving you across Canada and to most provinces. Our containers are versatile and equipped to withstand Canadian weather, and the horizontal lift system outfitted on our trucks is designed to keep your storage contents safe from shifting during transport. Whether you’re dealing with time between homes, a long-distance move, or a more traditional moving job, PUPS’ portable storage containers are here to make that move as easy as possible.

PUPS Containers is a leader in the portable storage container industry, and we look forward to showing you why. To find out how easy we can make your move for you, speak with your PUPS Containers advisor today.