Portable Storage for the Traveller

Some people contract what they call the “travel bug”: a restless, jittery condition that sees those infected having a difficult time staying in one place. They become condemned to “wanderlust,” searching the world over for new adventures and experiences. One of their greatest challenges involves taking care of the belongings they leave at home when away, and portable storage provides an excellent, economic solution for protecting those belongings.

Some of our favourite tenants at PUPS Containers are travellers, and we protect many of their belongings while they are away. With travellers in mind, we’ve put together this helpful guide on how to utilize portable storage to keep you on the move while your belongings remain safe and secure at home.

Why portable storage for the traveller?

If you’re often on the move and know how to travel light and for long periods of time, then there are large parts of your life that you must leave behind while on journeys. While family and friends can hold onto some of these items while you are away, it is unlikely that they will be able to hold everything for you. 

Leaving everything at your home is a possibility as well, but unless you can afford to pay rent while you are away for an extended period, then you are likely subletting your place out, and will want to avoid leaving many of your personal items out for tenants to access. 

This is why portable storage can be so valuable for travellers. It provides a way to keep personal belongings safe from harm, while allowing you to rent out your home, while also not clogging up your friends’ and family’s homes. 

In fact, portable storage provides the long-term traveller with the option to cancel the lease on their home, move out without worrying about having to make payments, but still have a safe place to store their personal belongings. With portable storage rental rates as low as only $80 a month, you are in a great position to save substantially with portable storage, compared to the rental rate of an apartment. This alone is reason for any traveller to exploit the portable storage option when they are away. You can get your container shipped to your new location within Canada anytime you want.

The advantages of portable storage

Portable storage, as we have said, provides the traveller with a space to store their personal belongings while they are away on travels. It keeps those items safe from harm, protecting them from theft, weather, and other unfortunate circumstances. With your belongings protected, travellers can have the peace of mind knowing their belongings are secure, and no one wants to travel while constantly thinking about what’s going on at home. Portable storage provides this sense of calm.

The traveller can be calm with portable storage otherwise. Travellers typically change plans, return home sooner or travel much longer, and portable storage facilities like PUPS do not insist on any time-sensitive contracts. Need to store your items for a few months longer so that you can visit a few extra places? No problem – portable storage has your items covered for however long you need them covered.

Portable Storage

The convenience of portable storage should not be understated for a traveller. With their constant shifting of their “home,” a portable storage container can follow them around.

Imagine loading a mobile storage container in your driveway, having it picked up and taken to a secure facility, while you take off on another adventure. Travels tend to change people and their outlook on life. This can often lead to a complete change of where home will be for the traveller: When they suddenly fall in love with a place (or a person in another place), and decide to stay. With a portable storage container, their belongings can be shipped to them without them needing to return home to unload their portable storage unit. 

What to and not to store

It is important to know in advance what is appropriate to store, and what isn’t. This general list should give you a decent idea of what you can expect portable storage can keep protected, and what you will need to seek help elsewhere for when travelling:

Portable storage is excellent for…
-    furniture, 
-    clothing, 
-    sports equipment,
-    musical instruments,
-    artwork,
-    collectibles/memorabilia,
-    appliances,
-    vehicles, and
-    tools.

Do be aware that certain items will require a climate-controlled storage unit, such as artworks, musical instruments, antique furniture, and anything that may be affected by fluctuations in temperatures or humidity.

Portable storage will not store…
-    pets,
-    plants,
-    perishable food,
-    garbage,
-    firearms,
-    explosives,
-    toxic substances, and
-    cold, hard cash.

Many of the items storage facilities do not permit should appear obvious to you, such as pets and explosives. Some of these items should also be easily taken care of in other ways, by, for example, having one’s dog looked after by family or friends while you are travelling, or taking your garbage to the dump or cash to the bank.

It is significant to be aware of the types of items that can and cannot be stored in advance though. The last thing you want when you are preparing for travels is to suddenly have to change storage plans at the last minute because you were unaware that you would have to take care of certain items differently – especially if you are trying to catch a plane!

Choosing the right storage facility

Deciding on the storage facility best for a traveller is mostly all about security. Being away for extended periods of time means that you will not be readily available to visit the facility if anything were to happen, and dealing with this from out of town is hardly a traveller’s dream. 

Always investigate that facility in advance. Inspect their security measures: is it a gated facility? Is there video surveillance? Do they have electronic locks? Speaking to other tenants of the facility will also help you determine whether this one is the right storage facility for you.

At PUPS Containers, we offer portable storage containers that can be kept in our secure facilities for as long as your travels require. We’re mobile experts, a perfect complement to the traveller. Speak with your PUPS Containers agent for further information on portable storage options for travellers.