Moving: What to Keep and What to Throw Out

Ask Yourself

Moving doesn’t mean purging everything before you go, but it does give you the push you need to filter through everything and ask yourself these questions:

  • How often do I use this? If you haven’t used the item in over a year, chances are you wouldn’t even notice if you don’t have it in your new home. Your toaster you use every morning to make your breakfast- yes, this should come with you. The hand mixer you bought five years ago when you wanted to try baking but never ended up using- time to let it go.

  • Is it necessary in my life? This question ties in with how frequently you use the item. Do you need it or is it holding a space in your home that could be freed up for something far more useful? Something that is absolutely necessary in your life? Those important documents- whether legal or financial, make sure you take good care of these documents during the move and you keep them somewhere in your new home where you will always be able to find them when you need them.

  • Is it even in good condition? Unfortunately, that old band t-shirt you bought 20 years ago when you saw them live in concert that is now stained and has multiple holes in it, it should probably stay behind in your move. If your clothing is in good condition and is a part of your monthly rotation of outfits, these are the items you should bring with you.

  • Can it or should it be replaced? If you have items that are broken or damaged, don’t think twice about bringing them along to your new place. If you are able to replace them with a new, fully functioning version, do so to avoid starting in your new home with more problems than you need to have on your plate. But there are some items you can never replace. Keep those items with great sentimental value. Be picky with them and be honest about if it really does hold value, but if it does, it’s important to keep them in your life no matter where you move to.

  • Does it fit in the move and in my new place? If you are moving across the country, you may not have the ability to take everything with you. If you are downsizing, not everything you own may fit in your new home. Be realistic about what you can actually take with you and sell what you can to help save some money to replace them once you arrive at your new place.

Don’t Even Question It

Some things really do just need to go. Don’t think twice about these items- there is no need for them in your new home. It’s time to clean out the fridge and the cabinets!

  • Expired foods. Sometimes those expiry dates can come a lot quicker than you thought they would. It can be understandable, but it’s time to go through your fridge, the freezer and the pantries and get rid of everything past it’s prime! If your move is longer, you may need to toss some items that won’t make it through the length of time without refrigeration.
  • Old products. This includes all personal products such as makeup and hair care items, cleaning products, and any chemical products like leftover paint for example. Everything has an expiration date, not just food!
  • Old furniture and dishware. Moving is a great time, if you are able to, to get rid of the old hand-me-down pieces and start to build your own collection of furniture, dishware, and glassware that fits your needs and style. There is no need to hang out to the couch your grandparents gave you that has been with you since your college days.
  • Old electronics. It may be difficult to let go of the nostalgia, but you most likely don’t need to hang onto that mp3 player you haven’t touched in 15 years that won’t even turn on anymore. It’s also time to go through all those cords- somehow, we all end up with dozens upon dozens of cords that we don’t even know what their purpose is. Go through them and only keep the ones you use now.
  • Anything you forgot you owned. This goes without saying, but if you forgot it existed in your life, it doesn’t need to stay in it any longer!

This is the perfect time to really be honest with yourself and sort and organize your belongings to ensure what comes with you to your next destination are the items you truly want with you and avoid the excess of items you really don’t need. Start off in your new home on the right foot and enjoy the freedom from the clutter right from the beginning.