Make the Most Out of Your Walk-In Closet

Take Advantage of the Space You Are Already Using

Sometimes, it can feel like no matter what you do or how much to get rid of, you never seem to be able to make sure for all your clothing. But you have the space right there in front of you, it’s just a matter of reworking it and taking advantage of what you already have. If you need more space to hang up your shirts and sweaters, make room rearranging your pants and accessories and doubling up. Use attachable and adjustable hooks and hangers to hang a pair of pants off the same hanger as one of your sweaters. You are using the same amount of space as your sweater would already take up, but you’ve now freed up all the additional space of your other clothing items that were either hanging on their own or folded on shelves. You can also hang or tie your belts and scarves around hangers to free up space in drawers and shelving. If this works for you, you can remove excess shelving and give yourself even more room to hang up your clothes and organize them however you’d like.

Don’t Keep Out What You Aren’t Using

We are all guilty for convincing ourselves we’ll wear that cocktail dress or maybe we’ll have a warmer day and we’ll need our shorts readily available. But we all know those items stay untouched and get pushed to the back of your closet. If you live somewhere where winter hits for six months of the year, chances are very good you can put those shorts away at least until the snow begins to melt. Use vacuum sealed bags to store out of season clothes. If you have the space in another room, or you have a climate controlled storage unit, rotate out the seasonal clothing to make sure your closet never looks or feels overflowing. Since you aren’t wearing them, keep them compact and safe until it’s time to break them out and rotate your closet again.

Maximize Your “Lost” Space

Once you move some of your unworn clothing out, you’ll have a better view of all the space that’s going unused in your closet. A little creativity and reorganization and you’ll be able to store so much more of what you need, and want, in there! Corner-shaped or spinning shelving units are another genius way of expanding your storage space. The goal is to remove as much dead space in your closet as possible. Build a design around your needs! If you need shelving, include that in the design and create a layout that utilizes the entire closet. A higher shelf for shoes or accessories that aren’t as often worn is a great way to keep them close without getting in the way of your day to day go-to’s.

Don’t be disappointed by your closet- it’s all in what you do with the space. In one day, with a little hard work and some DIY elbow grease, you can give yourself the walk-in closet that fits everything you need comfortably without having to worry about it overflowing when you open the door.